Libreria Barco de Papel -bookstore

Libreria Barco de Papel -bookstore

Website for a small business dedicated to promote and sell books in Spanish. More than a book store, Barco de Papel is a place of reunion, and consequently it has a strong sense of belonging among the Hispanic community of  Jackson Heights, one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods of the word.

In this bookstore,  Spanish speakers meet to listen to book readings, musical presentations, poetry and children events. People go to browse their eclectic selection as a way to get in contact with their language and culture, local authors meet to share their work and parents go with their children to introduce them to the joys of lecture in Spanish, as a way of preserving their heritage .

The founder wanted a place that reflected the tireless job they are doing among the community, a place where people can interact and participate of future events, news and readings in Spanish. To accomplish this idea, the website inform about upcoming events in the library or in the city, news about literature and poetry, book reviews and a section to showcase the work of upcoming local authors and live feeds of news about books and writers. It is also fully integrated with Facebook Page with photos of readings and post of poetry.

The library is cozy, painted with bright colors where the dominant hue is tropical green, the same  color chosen for the website menus.

His partner is more pragmatic, she basically wanted to sell books. After an initial design a complete e-commerce solution was integrated to meet the expectations of both partners.

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February 13, 2013

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