Carlos F Bedoya

Carlos F Bedoya

Graphic Designer


  • Over 20 years experience in the Publishing Industry.
  • Attained managerial positions in design, production, printing and editorial departments.
  • Combines award winning design skills with deep understanding of technology.
  • Able to conceptualize and synthesize concepts, processes and ideas graphically.
  • Quick and hungry learner.
  • Proven accomplishments in design, project planning and management.
  • Proven ability to solve technical problems and find efficient solutions.
  • Proven relationship-builder with excellent interpersonal skills.

Technical Skills

  • Macintosh and Windows Operating Systems
  • Macintosh Support and Software Installation
  • Networking and Sever Management
  • Preflight and printing quality control specialist
  • Prepress and Color Separation
  • Editorial, Layout, Production and Tracking Systems installation and setting: GN4, Layout 8000, Ad Track and ClassPag. Practical knowledge of CCI editorial system.
  • PDF correction, PDF workflow, imposition
  • PitStop and PitStop server
  • QuarkXpress and Adobe CSS Software proficient: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Acrobat
  • CSS3 and HTML5 coding
  • CMS systems such as WordPress and Joomla

Design Skills

  • Editorial Communication design, Editorial Layout
  • Ad Design for newspapers and magazines
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Book, book covers, catalogs, brochures and print material design
  • Web design
  • Info-graphics, statistics, presentation
  • Image retouching, image manipulation
  • Digital illustration

Other Skills

  • Online Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Strategy and Management
  • email Marketing
  • Bilingual English-Spanish

Personal Skills

  • Highly adaptable, mobile, positive, resilient, patient risk-taker who is open to new ideas.
  • Responsible contributor committed to excellence and success.
  • Enthusiastic, knowledge-hungry learner, eager to meet challenges and quickly assimilate new concepts.
  • Productive worker with solid work ethic who exerts optimal effort in successfully completing tasks.
  • Highly analytical thinking with demonstrated talent for identifying, scrutinizing, improving and streamlining complex work processes
  • Professional whose honesty and integrity provide for effective leadership and optimal relationships.

Employment Background

History of employment as a graphic designer in USA

Proprietorship – Designer 2012-Present

Webprint Ideas provides design, maintenance, content and marketing for websites and e-commerce based on open source CMS. Training, help and technical support.

Design, pre-press and print service for books, magazines and newspapers

Senior Designer July 2016- June 2017

Former Asbury Park Studio provided design, edition and wire content services to Gannett’s newspapers in the Northeast. As a senior designer I was responsible for the sports section of three daily newspapers, including planning story placement where local stories have priority, wire selection and meeting three tight deadlines. Occasionally I worked also in other newspapers. The design was focused on clean and elegant layouts with strong visual elements according to the studio’s style standards. The studio was organized in highly collaborative teams of designers and editors interacting with news producers to ensure a product of excellent quality in content and presentation.

ConsultantApril to Dec. 2014.

Implemented the redesign project of El Diario La Prensa of NY and La Opinion of LA in the editorial system, including programming, optimization, workflow and newspaper integration. Reached maximal efficiency with minimum personnel. Trained the staff.  Set a training website with practical examples, videos and step-by-step instructions.

Contractor-Designer and Pre-press specialistJun-Jul 2013, Dec2013-Jan 2014.

Pre-press and Design. Converted book covers to print specifications for a new on-demand print machine. Work included reconstruction and digitization of old copy dot files, resizing, color correction and pre-press.

Graphic Editor  2006-2012.

Producing designer who was also responsible for editorial design guidelines of the company. Supervised staff. Attended the editorial board meeting and suggested graphic ideas that best complemented stories and their content. Provided graphic points of entry for the reader. Organized the workflow. Used off peak time to create info graphics and illustrations. Received several design awards. Developed scripts, design templates and programmed the markup settings in the editorial systems, considerably reducing page design time.

Technical consultant ­ 2005- 2006

Evaluated and recommended changes that improved the editorial design. Publicized an interactive HTLM design guide for the company Intranet. . Trained staff. Upgraded the ad production department (Hardware and software). Modified the systems for a newspaper size change and tested the new web press. Implemented a certified PDF Ad workflow using PitStop Server. Programmed the layout, classified and editorial systems (AdTrack, Layout 8000 and GN3) for a new zoned publication. Conceptualized and implemented the design of this new publication.

Pre-press Manager 1998-2004

Managed the Pagination and Ad production staff. Supervised the overall production process from layout to press. Coordinated production and design with sales, editorial and press staff. Provided technical support, dictated conferences and directed editorial and ad design projects. Coordinated the newspaper redesign project. Created and published a design and technical training manual. Researched and tested the software and hardware for the editorial and production departments. Integrated newspaper systems. Implemented and programmed the editorial system, including templates, master pages, libraries and typography. Developed and installed a full pagination and total digital output from paste-up and mechanicals. Oversaw, solved problems and implemented solutions for the entire production process. Supervised press output.

VP of Production 2004-2005

Supervised the production and press processes. Coordinated the printer and production schedule for twelve publications. Developed a PDF workflow (hardware and software). Trained staff. Assisted in hardware and software troubleshooting.

Art director and Adviser 2003-2005

Developed the editorial concept, design and production workflow for a newspaper directed to the Hispanic market. Later worked as an Art Director an Editorial Consultant.

Graphic Designer. Ads and editorial designer  1996-1998

Responsibilities included cover design, image quality, web page graphics, full color production and pre-press work for all the publications. Provided network and workstations troubleshooting and maintenance (Macs).

Vision 15


Designer, Editor and Publisher of this Community Newspaper. Directed newspaper edition, design, layout and administration.


Started as a paste up artist, shortly thereafter promoted to Ad Design Supervisor and later to Production Manager. In 1993 promoted to Graphic Editor and News Editor. Responsibilities included newspaper layout, production, cover design and edition

Other Work

Freelance and voluntary work.


Designed several magazines, community newspapers, and books. Designed websites for small to medium sized business (dynamic, static, e-commerce). Worked as creative for advertising campaigns directed to Hispanics.

Voluntary Work

Since 2012 board member, founder and webmaster of Centro Cultural Barco de Papel, a cultural institution dedicated to promote Latin American arts and literature in NYC

Other employment (Engineer)

Work as an engineer in South America

Pabsa Carburundum
(Now Saint Gobain)

 Technical Support Manager 1988-1990

Technical Support and industry liaison for a multinational with sales in more than 20 countries and plants in Colombia, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Venezuela and Peru.  Responsibilities included training sales and technical staff. Dictated courses and technical conferences about the line of products and application in the industry. Visited customers and developed or modified products according to their needs. Acted as an application expert. Worked with the Technical Development Department to improve products. Increased customer loyalty by providing technical help.  Imparted technical support for sales. Produced, wrote and edited a monthly magazine for the industry.



Chemical products and services for industry. Started as Technical Support Engineer for this company with offices in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. Set a record increasing the service of the zone assigned that leaded to a more than 10 times monthly sales by studying the necessities of the big companies and with the Technical Unit developing, modifying and testing products for their necessities and at the same time maintaining an efficient management in the zone assigned. Promoted to Technical Support Manager for all the zones.


Formal education. Informal art studies and autodidact in software, internet and computer technology.

Los Andes University – Mechanical Engineer (BME) – Bogota, Colombia. 1985
New York University – English as a Second Language – New York, 1993