Pre Press Services graphic CarlosFBedoya

Experience and expertise will guarantee a problem free printing experience. Your files will meet the technical requirements for the highest quality possible printing reproduction according with the media, and printing process selected.

Pre-press specialist familiar with  most of the software used for design like the Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign , QuarkXpress and Editorial GN and more.  No matter what software you use, all files will be checked for the optimal resolution and right color separation.

Find about my pre-press services

  • Preflighting
  • Proper resolution
  • PostScript compliance
  • PDF checkup
  • Bleedings and Color Trapping
  • GCR and Color Density.
  • Pagination and resizing.
  • Device calibration
  • Scanning
  • Color separation and color management
  • Color Correction and Image Retouching