Whanna know who that guy is?

Carlos Bedoya is a graphic designer, specialized in publishing either online or in print with a vast experience and technical expertise.

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When he is not  in front of his computer, he is reading, watching documentaries, riding his bike, cooking or dancing.

 This is personal

Graphic designer by choice, engineer by training, computer technician by curiosity, newspaper system integrator by challenge, avid reader by inquisitiveness,  artist by need of expression,  dancer to tune the spirit into the flow of movement…

I believe in humanism as a response to the complexity of our existence. Our intense curiosity propel us to different paths of exploration about the world that surround us.

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I have made a rewarding career as a graphic designer in United States, the same way I did an enriching career as an engineer in South America, probably as a natural consequence of pursuing my passions. Complacency instead of burden is a source of joy and realization.

For over twenty years I worked with that passion in the field of publications, and wore many hats: graphic designer of editorial and advertising content, book and magazine designer, pre-press manager, editor, graphic editor, art director, publisher of a community newspaper, system integrator, print quality control supervisor, technical consultant and technical trainer.

A little history (sort of). Like anyone cares.


I took part of the fast and amazing evolution of publishing from film and mechanicals to the new printing technologies of computer to plate, instant digital printing and digital design. My experience taught me, publishing is not about the technology but more about communication and print is just one of the ways to distribute that communication, as we evolve we find more efficient and instant ways to deliver the message.

What started as the patience work of calligraphy in middle ages had evolved in an unimaginable way. Today instead of manuscripts we are using devices as tablets, cell phones and computers to present information.

Things show up early

Since early age I felt fascinated by books and I was taught to read at a very early age. In the same way that books gave me a word of fantasy and exploration, drawing was my way to express all my feelings. I studied art but when I made my career choice I followed my curiosity to know about the world through science and mathematics.

I never abandoned art and humanities for science, on the contrary, science and art are the yin and yang of my life. I combined the two of them almost everyday, science gave me a very unique and concrete way to explain our word, the arts connect me with my spiritual and artistic side and help me to transcend the rigidity of science. And through history I gained humility about our human dimension.

That’s why I believe behind any human being there is a complex word of choices, talents and interest. We as a humans are not defined by our profession but we can define our profession.

Present is all we have


I don’t think printing is a thing of the past yet but the advent of Internet and Word Wide Web transformed everything. And those incredible changes go really fast leaving some behind, while at the same time that change is embraced by new generations. That technology presents an unprecedented way of publish content. Immediate, accessible, diverse, democratic and in a relatively cheap way.  I am exited to feel I am part of that revolution  developing websites and looking for ways to make accessible that technology to those people who are working hard behind small companies. Changes bring opportunities.