My wide experience in publications covers every stage of the publishing process. From the editorial idea to the final product either conventionally printed or in the new formats ready for digital e-readers or internet browsers.

Besides planning a publication using systems such as Layout 8000, ad tracking using AdTrack and design using specialized software like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and QuarkXpress along or as a part of editorial integration solutions such as QPS or GN4, I have also experience as a system integrator and adjustments to suit each publication.

For perfect output I used both PitStop for desktop adjustment and PitStop server for automatizing the PDF output according with plant specifications.

I’ve been working on the use of open source  systems to integrate the workflow of publications as well as workflow restructuring in an age where the Internet is the first medium of publication. I am offering all that experience to provide an integrated publishing service for organizations, companies or individuals who  look to self-publish their journals, books, newspapers and magazines in print, ebook formats or online.