Training for Impremedia

by | Nov 22, 2014 | 0 comments

This website was developed with the purpose to offer a handy reference for the editorial staff of the Impremedia properties in New York, California,  Chicago and Florida. I was based in New York and the internet presented for me the best way to train everybody from remote places, and instead of printing hundreds of pages,  a website presented the ideal solution; available from any place, hyperlinked, searchable and allows the possibility of video training, chat, support questions and comments.

The redesign project share the same architecture for all the newspapers but a different  color palette and variations in typography for every property.  A story published in LA can be published in NY without extra work, a command will change all the editorial styles (colors and typography) without any additional work. The styles have the same name as well as the codes for the equivalent templates and libraries. That will make the manual generic.

The online reference manual and help guide provided an easy way for editors and editorial staff to consult the style and a very easy an interactive way  elect the text and layout templates in the library to work in any page fast and efficient.

When editorial spaces were assigned to editors, they consulted the system to pick all the possibilities from a gallery style layout, selecting the one with the number of stories, photos that matched their editorial piece. when they click on the icon it presents a page with the appropriate layout in the editorial library as well as the text template names. They can assign the stories with the associate template. Every typographical space and all the geometry is loaded, the writer just replace the text, photos and captions and since the stories are linked to the layout they get paginated automatically. At the end one designer just fine tuned the page. This sped  the process dramatically saving time and liberating the editor and designers of work, very important in a industry that is contracting every day.

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