Soccer World Cup

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Soccer World Cup is the sport event more viewed in the world, roughly one in every two people worldwide is expected to watch the cup on television. According with statistics 85% of Latinos living in the U.S. have roots in countries where soccer clearly dominates as the most popular sport and 24% of Hispanics say it is their favorite sport. Naturally major sponsors, including big american brands, are paying as much as $40-million for the privilege of associating with the event. Marketing companies target Latinos in USA for media advertising.

Impremedia planned a special coverage for all the newspapers of the corporation. First it launched a weekly publication inserted in all the properties as a warm out for the upcoming event. The publication  basically presented the participant teams. As for the campaign, everything, including media kits and promotion had a proper identity,which was carefully designed using the specific colors of the event (red, dark yellow, green and black, as the South African flag).

‘Impremundial’, a weekly publication, presented each one of the teams that made up every group. Every team received minimum a page or a spread (depended of the importance) and the information displayed was uniform: the coach, the team, the group and the soccer stars. The page showed  a photo of the coach, another photo of the team and one of two silhouettes of the soccer stars in action. Three graphic elements were always present in every page; the group, the team ball (every team had a different ball designed for the fans) and the club badge.

After the first match the newspapers presented the tournament results in the newspaper. The section included analysis of the games, results and standings as well as a calendar of the matches. The design style was kept to differentiate it from the rest of the paper and for branding. Here are some samples of the pages and the game schedule.